Terrifying Journey to school

A Girl's Journey to Overcome Fear on the Road to School

In the war-torn town of Ehsim, Syria, a young girl named Safiya embarks on a courageous daily journey to school. Amidst the remnants of destroyed homes, she walks with trepidation, intentionally shielding her eyes from the haunting surroundings.

Join us in this immersive 360-degree experience, where you can also wear virtual reality goggles if you have them. Throughout this story, you will encounter different elements accompanied by QR codes. By scanning them, you can see those elements appear in the room where you are sitting. We have utilized augmented reality technologies to deliver the complete story to you and make you feel like you are also a part of what is happening in this war-torn region for nearly 12 years.

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:Safia's house

Safiya, at the tender age of 12, dreams of becoming a teacher. However, her path to education is riddled with unimaginable challenges. Her community was forced to flee their homes as they lay on the frontlines between opposing forces, enduring relentless shelling and unimaginable loss. Seeking refuge, they found solace in a makeshift shelter, where Safiya carved out a safe space to immerse herself in her studies.

Living with her mother, father, sister, and brother in this fragile sanctuary, even the walls bear the scars of past bombardments. Every step she takes on this road is fraught with anxiety, haunted by the memories of loved ones lost and the reality of the dangers that lurk. The presence of a passing herd of sheep triggers tension within her, a constant reminder of the fragility of her surroundings.

Yet, despite her fears, Safiya holds a deep affection for her school. It is a beacon of hope amidst the chaos, a sanctuary of knowledge and learning that transcends the horrors of war. Her unwavering determination and thirst for education drive her forward, illuminating a path of resilience amidst the darkness.

The impact of the Syrian conflict on children, particularly in the realm of education, is devastating. The war has uprooted millions of lives, robbing children of their fundamental right to education and hindering their intellectual and emotional growth. Schools lay in ruins, classrooms turned into battlegrounds, and the educational infrastructure crippled by the weight of destruction.

Displacement has become a harsh reality for countless children, tearing them away from their schools and disrupting their educational journeys. Makeshift learning environments struggle to compensate for the loss, lacking essential resources and qualified educators. Overcrowded classrooms, outdated materials, and the absence of specialized support further impede the quality of education for these resilient young learners.

Moreover, the psychological toll on children in war-torn Syria cannot be overlooked. Exposed to violence, displacement, and perpetual fear, they bear the burden of trauma that hinders their ability to focus, retain information, and engage effectively in the learning process.

The dreams and aspirations of an entire generation hang in the balance as the war's destruction casts a long shadow over their educational prospects. Without urgent intervention, the cycle of poverty and lost opportunities will persist, hindering the nation's chances of recovery and stability.

It is imperative that we prioritize the rebuilding of Syria's educational system, creating safe and inclusive learning environments that empower children like Safiya to reclaim their dreams. By nurturing their resilience, we can provide them with the tools to overcome fear, navigate their challenging paths, and shape a brighter future for themselves and their nation.

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